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11 June 2019 | Updated on 12 June 2019

TUNIS, 11 June 2019 - How can we promote a human rights-based approach to cybersecurity? What is the intersection of freedom of expression and freedom of religion in the online space? How can we work for a feminist internet? These are some of the issues that the Association for Progressive Communications (APC) will be focusing on at RightsCon in Tunis, which will gather more than 2,500 expert practitioners to discuss human rights in the digital age. 

When: 12-14 June 2019

Where: Laico Hotel and Palais des Congrès, Tunis.

Where can you find us?

See our RightsCon page for a list of sessions where APC will be participating.

Come visit our booth at the venue.

On Twitter: @apc_news #Discotech #InternetShutdowns #Cybersecurity #ExpressionAndReligionOnline #FeministInternet #ShrinkingOnlineSpace

Media contact: Flavia Fascendini, APC communications manager,

More information

APC will be at RightsCon Tunis, the first RightsCon summit hosted in the Middle East and North Africa, where thousands of expert practitioners will come together across over 400 sessions to shape and drive forward the global agenda for the future of human rights in the digital age. APC and its member network will be organising, co-organising or speaking at over 40 RightsCon sessions addressing a range of issues, including:

  • Promoting a human rights-based approach to cybersecurity.

  • New perspectives in relation to access from a holistic approach, in particular, by sharing evidence on the value and potential of community networks to bring about change in people’s lives.

  • The intersection of freedom of expression and freedom of religion in the online space and networking with organisations working on those issues, particularly in Asia.

  • A feminist internet, offering a gender and sexual rights lens on critical internet-related rights.

  • The various ways in which the space for civil society is shrinking nationally, regionally and globally and exchanging views with other groups towards identifying key strategies to strengthen civil society organisations.

  • Restrictions and violations of rights in the online space and attacks on and/or persecution of activists and experts working for reinforcing rights online.