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Intervozes – Coletivo Brasil de Comunicação Social is a Brazilian organisation that works for safeguarding freedom of expression and human rights in all forms of communication. For Intervozes, freedom of expression is inseparable from the full exercise of citizenship and democracy: a society can only be called democratic when the different voices, opinions, cultures and races that comprise it have space to express themselves.

Since 2003, Intervozes has worked to defend communication rights and contribute to the construction of a regulatory environment and public policies capable of promoting a more diverse and pluralistic media environment. Initially focused on mass media issues, the organisation currently understands that democratic challenges in the communication field have to be increasingly assessed and addressed on an integrated basis. In this sense, Intervozes presents as its overall objectives the monitoring of communication policies and the media system as a whole, in addition to the defence of ICT access policies combined with the strengthening and enforcement of human rights in the use and appropriation of these technologies.

Apart from producing informative and analytical content, a key element of Intervozes' work is directed to awareness raising and civil society mobilisation, always seeking to interconnect organisations from other fields and social movements as a way to counterbalance the powerful political and economic interests involved in communication policies.

The organisation is based in São Paulo and has dozens of members in more than 10 Brazilian states.

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