Membership working group

The Membership Working Group is an advisory committee made up of volunteers from among member representatives, and then appointed by the APC board of directors.

Purpose: to actively build APC membership with the participation of current members

Duration: This is a standing committee. Participants change from time to time.

Convenor and MWG facilitator: Karel Novotný, APC Knowledge Sharing Coordinator.

Members: Regional diversity in this group is very important.

Members as of July 2017:

  1. Anriette Esterhuysen, APC Advocacy Director, South Africa
  2. Chat Garcia Ramilo, APC Executive Director, Philippines
  3. Jessica Dheere, SMEX, Lebanon
  4. John Dada, Fantsuam Foundation, Nigeria
  5. Lisa García, FMA, Philippines
  6. Liz Probert, GreenNet, UK
  7. Maya Sooka, APC Finance Manager, South Africa
  8. Nicolas Echaniz, AlterMundi, Argentina
  9. Yunusa Zakari, CITAD, Nigeria

Role and responsibilities:

  • reviewing new applications for membership and making recommendations to the board of directors
  • reviewing membership policies and procedures
  • identifying potential new members
  • making recommendations regarding membership terminations

Good skills to have:

  • Understanding of APC&-8217;s membership criteria, procedures and policies;
  • experience in other membership-based organizations;
  • good networking experience;
  • familiarity with civil society issues.
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