"Strengthening capacities in internet governance in Africa" workshop to take place in Abuja

By APCNews

What are the challenges associated with the growth of the internet, as we reach the "internet of everything"? What are the priorities, gaps and best ways in capacity development in the African region? The ITU Annual Regional Human Capacity Building Workshop on Strengthening Capacities in Internet Governance in Africa will take place in Abuja, 27-29 August 2018, to address pressing issues regarding internet governance at a regional level.

The workshop, which is organised by the ITU Telecommunication Development Bureau in partnership with DiploFoundation and APC's African School on Internet Governance, and hosted by the Digital Bridge Institute (DBI) of Nigeria, is the second in a series of regional internet governance capacity development events that the ITU is organising.

It will present a diversity of initiatives, including tools such as the African Declaration on Internet Rights and Freedoms, a pan-African initiative to promote human rights standards and principles of openness in internet policy formulation and implementation on the continent, and the African School on Internet Governance, an annual residential course aimed at developing a pipeline of leading Africans from diverse sectors, backgrounds and ages with the skills to participate in local and international internet governance structures.

Access the agenda here.

Engage with the African Declaration on Internet Rights and Freedoms here.

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