New materials on the environment and ICTs available in French and Spanish

By Richard Heeks & Angelica Ospina Publisher: APCNews    

The NICCD website provides a repository of new materials in French and Spanish on climate change, ICTs and developing countries including:

  • A Policy Guide on how to incorporate ICTs into climate change policy, and how to incorporate climate change into ICT policy.

  • Four Strategy Briefs written for policy makers, strategic planners and senior researchers, that summarise conceptual and action-based priorities for use of ICTs in relation to climate change adaptation and mitigation in developing countries.

  • Two Background Papers that review the literature in this field, and propose a new framework for understanding ICTs, adaptation and “e-resilience”.

We encourage you to share ideas on ICTs, climate change and development via:, and comment on key issues at:

These materials are the product of the University of Manchester’s “Climate Change, Innovation and ICTs” research project, funded by Canada’s International Development Research Centre and managed by the University’s Centre for Development Informatics.

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