KICTANet: 5G myths, realities, opportunities

Image from KICTANet presentation

By APCNews

On 4 May, APC member KICTANet hosted a webinar in partnership with Huawei Kenya on the realities of 5G. KICTANet stands for the Kenya ICT Action Network and it is a multistakeholder platform for those interested in informations and communications technology (ICT) policy and regulation, based in Nairobi. Members of the panel included representatives from Kenya’s Communications Authority, Huawei and the National Communications Secretariat.

The discussion began with an overview of 5G and its predecessors. Panellists discussed the claims that 5G causes health problems and other myths surrounding the technology. The discussion then moved to the regulatory environment in Kenya and what would need to change in order for 5G to be viable for the Kenyan market. The applications 5G offers go beyond communications and the conversation focused particularly on the possibilities within the realms of tourism, transportation and healthcare, as well as economic development.

Watch the webinar

You can also download the presentations featured during the webinar in PDF format here.

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