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The privacy saga continues. Source: OpenSource.comThe privacy saga continues. Source:
APC’s research shows that the reality of online abuse should be a serious concern for all those working on internet governance, development and access. Initiatives like ICANN’s new Domain Registration proposal, which would require “commercial website” owners to display their address under their WHOIS data, are steps in the opposite direction.

For this reason, APC has supported a coalition of organisations and individuals from all over the world that highlights the danger of the Initial Report on Privacy and Proxy Services published on 5 May. We have also endorsed the Non Commercial Stakeholder Group (NCSG) comments to the Initial Report.

Broadly defined, this Initial Report will prevent millions of site owners from safeguarding their private information. It will also physically endanger many domain owners and disproportionately impact those who come from marginalised communities. If we claim to make efforts towards a safe and inclusive internet for all, a proposal that puts at risk significant numbers of already marginalised people is not compatible with this goal. Therefore, we consider that any policy that could potentially enable such action should be reconsidered.