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2017 was a year of transition for APC. This is something that speaks very positively of the health and vibrancy of a nearly 30-year-old network. As Bishakha Datta, chair of APC's board of directors, puts it in her introduction: “Access. Rights. A Feminist Internet. Governance. Use and Development. Community. (Or FAIR and GUD-C, as I affectionately acronymised them for myself.) These are the pillars of APC’s strategic plan. (...) But there’s one key letter missing from this big picture – T. This was a year of Transitioning. This was a hugely significant moment of transition for APC as its leadership changed hands.”

In April 2017, APC’s former deputy executive director, Chat Garcia Ramilo, assumed the position of executive director, after Anriette Esterhuysen stepped down from the position she outstandingly led for 17 years and assumed a new role as director of advocacy.

In August 2017, APC also had a new elected board of directors for the period 2017-2019, with a configuration that is impressively gender and regionally balanced and that also enables continuity, with three board members from the previous board retaining their positions.

2017 came to an end with a flourishing and growing network, composed of a total of 86 organisational and individual members active in around 70 countries.

The impact of our network in 2017 in relation to APC's strategic priorities (access, rights, a feminist internet, governance, use and development, APC community) can be easily perceived by reading some of the featured stories in the Annual Report.

On access, APC has worked intensively to enable that people who are digitally excluded on the basis of where they live, gender, class, disability or identity have affordable and sustainable connectivity that allows them to share and communicate. Our highlighted stories include:

On rights, APC advocated in favour of human rights norms and standards that integrate gender and development, and that are respected and promoted in internet and ICT policy, governance, development and practice. Our highlighted stories include:

On a feminist internet, women’s rights and sexual rights activists engage with internet and ICT policy and development as feminist issues. Our highlighted stories include:

On governance, APC worked on internet-related and ICT policy processes to protect the publicness of the internet and ensure that they are accessible, democratic, transparent, accountable and inclusive. Our highlighted stories include:

On use and development, APC made efforts for civil society actors, women’s rights and sexual rights advocates to have the capacity to confidently use the internet and ICTs, and engage critically in their development. Our highlighted stories include:  

The APC community of members, allies and partners was strengthened as a network and worked collaboratively to use the internet and ICTs for social and environmental justice, gender equality and sustainable development. Our highlighted stories include:     

What we did in 2017 doesn't end there. You can check out highlights from our individual members, all the publications we produced, governance updates, detailed information about our membership, staff, financial statements, and more. We can't fit all the impact we have had in an entire year in just one publication, but this is a good start!