Fun facts on the history of APC!

Between 18 and 20 August, APC members met in Ithala, South Africa to celebrate the work we have all done and to discuss what is still ahead. This was our latest meeting, 27 years after the Association for Progressive Communications started as a network of non-governmental internet providers.

Today, we are still pioneering community access to infrastructure, but the world has changed in many ways over the past two decades, increasing the challenges and diversifying our work on the internet as a tool for social justice. In the current scenario, we couldn't help but wonder how much of the internet's openness and publicness has been lost, and how much we can still save. This crucial work will not be possible without a strong network and the influx of new members bringing exciting new experience to APC, which we celebrated by getting together and reflecting on the past, present and future of the internet, and what that means to the development of our network.

As part of this insight into the past, present and future of our work, we all shared some fun facts about APC history. How many of these fun facts about APC did you know? Take the quiz with us and find out!


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