APC opens its membership to individual affiliates!

By APC Johannesbourg,

APC is pleased to announce that as from October 2012, membership of the network is open to individuals as well as organisations. Founded in 1990 as a network made up of organisational members, APC is the world’s oldest civil society network dedicated to the use of information and communication technologies for social justice and sustainable development. APC’s approach to networking has always been oriented towards building a community rather than an institution. Including individuals as members is a natural extension of this approach.

The current role of organsational members will not change and APC will continue to encourage like-minded organisations to join. Organisational members will retain the voting rights required to elect APC’s board of directors, contribute to changes to APC’s mission and bylaws, and formally approve APC’s strategic goals. Individual members will enrich this process through participating in developing these goals, and in the advocacy needed to achieve them. APC believes that the network can and should provide a space for individuals, be they students, researchers, activists, academics, techies, hackers, diplomats, policy-makers, teachers, journalists or entrepreneurs who share our vision of all people having easy and affordable access to a free and open internet which they are able to use to improve their lives and create a more just world.

Learn more about APC affiliation and how to apply. Contact membership@apc.org for more information about the membership in APC.

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