Steps to becoming an APC Affiliate

It is expected that APC affiliates know APC from their previous work and contacts with us. However, it is recommended that you review APC’s website and familiarise yourself with our mission, members, programs, projects and current news.

To become APC Affiliate:

  • Read through additional details on APC affiliation on this page.
  • Fill out the APC Affiliate Application Form at the bottom of this page and send it to The APC Membership Working Group reviews new applications regularly. Use the same email address if you have any questions about APC affiliation.

Section one: About APC and criteria for becoming an APC affiliate

About APC
Here is some important reading about APC that you should be familiar with:

  • APC Mission Statement
  • APC Members – Our network of members and partners spans the globe, with presence in Western, Central and Eastern Europe, Africa, Asia, Latin America and North America. You can see our full list of members and read more about each member by clicking on their profile.
  • History of APC
  • APC ProgrammesAPC action areas form the basis of APC’s efforts to mobilise the potential of information and communication technologies to promote development and social justice. They are used by APC staff, members and partners, working locally, regionally and internationally, to plan, prioritise and evaluate APC activities.
  • APC Structure and GovernanceAPC is a membership-based organisation, linking organisations and individuals from around the world that share similar goals and objectives.

Affiliation Criteria

APC affiliation is open to individuals who had previously collaborated with APC or an APC member, and who can provide references for their application from an APC member or staff. They must work in areas where APC is active, identify with APC’s mission and goals, and share APC’s values. Affiliates can come from civil society, academic institutions, governments, business, or be activists, writers, journalists or consultants. What is important is their commitment to be actively involved in APC activities and exchanges in general.

Affiliates are expected to:

  • Work with the internet and other ICTs on activities that contribute to equitable human development, social justice, participatory political processes and environmental sustainability.
  • Have previous working experience or other connection with APC staff, members or other APC affiliates.
  • Support APC’s mission and values as outlined below:
    • local initiative, decentralised action, local ownership
    • open content: sharing of information in the public domain
    • open source application development: sharing tools in the public domain
    • social equality and gender equality
    • strong Southern base and orientation
    • create and strengthen an international membership community for joint action and learning
    • peer support and community
    • collaboration and partnerships
    • inclusiveness and diversity
    • creativity and capacity building
    • democratic, accountable and transparent governance, at international, national and institutional levels
    • appropriate and affordable ICT solutions
    • freedom of communications and information

Section two: What does APC affiliation mean?

Benefits of being an APC affiliate member

APC is a large network that unites hundreds of enthusiasts with a wealth of skills and experience. Being a part of this network means access to knowledge and opportunities that emerge from APC members’ projects and research, and that is by far the most important benefit for individual affiliate members. In terms of specific benefits and opportunities stemming from affiliation, the affiliates:

  • receive copies of APC publications (printed and in digital version) and a copy of the APC annual report;
  • are invited to join spaces where APC project work takes place;
  • are consulted on decisions around APC’s strategic planning process and the APC Strategic Action Plan. Affiliates do not have voting rights, but their opinion is taken into account in the decision-making process;
  • join main internal communication space;
  • are generally informed about new projects, collaborative opportunities, ongoing discussions, etc, and they are invited to participate in them when possible. By becoming an APC affiliate, it is generally understood that one becomes a ‘trusted insider’;
  • have the opportunity to participate in events hosted by APC and other relevant events when funding and other circumstances permit;
  • are included on a listing of APC affiliates on

Affiliates’ commitments

  • Affiliates are actively engaged with at least one aspect of the network’s strategic priorities.
  • They are expected to be actively engaged in APC discussions and project work.
  • They pay an annual affiliation fee made up of an amount elected by them ranging from $50 to $100. This fee goes towards covering costs of publication dissemination to affiliates, and other related costs.

Section three: Application form

Thank you very much! We are looking forward to hearing from you.

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