Taking forward the lessons from AfriSIG

I have wanted to attend the African School on  Internet Governance (AfriSIG) ever since I participated in the Internet Governance Forum (IGF) as an ISOCYouth@IGF fellow last year. It was through this formative experience that I first developed a passion for internet governance. Even with my limited background in the field, I decided to organise the Arusha Women School of Internet Governance (AruWSIG) and the Tanzania School of Internet Governance (TzSIG) with the hopes of sharing my newfound knowledge with my community.

When I received confirmation of my acceptance to AfriSIG, I was overwhelmed with excitement, realising that this would be an invaluable opportunity to improve and grow the interventions I currently coordinate. I was looking forward to seeing how sessions are facilitated, better understanding multistakeholder processes and learning about the roles that gender and access play in internet governance. Ultimately, my high expectations were exceeded thanks to the interactive, learner-focused and engaging way in which the school was conducted.

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