Skip to main content and APC's local access networks (LocNet) project team invited women who work in community networks to share their experiences in the times of COVID-19. This is one of the stories shared about acts of care in communication technologies during the pandemic.

Here in Brazil, when Carnival ends in February, all the projects begin to take shape. But the pandemic has arrived and frustration, distance, loneliness have taken the place of work and projects… I dived deep and I found in the community network a way to keep going. I did my first installation with a partner, we created a collective feminist song, we created radio programmes, we looked for possibilities in the virtual… That's when my partners invited me to join them in the project of interviews with women from community networks around the world.

The following drawings are intended to bring to light and colour the experiences under COVID-19 and lockdown of women working in community networks. The images were based on three interviews that investigated how they are surviving, how the pandemic times affected them, their work, their surroundings. I talked with three women from different countries.

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