Internet rights are human rights

Rapid Response Network (RRN)
Rapid Response Network (RRN) 28 May 2008

The Rapid Response Network (RRN) is an initiative that is aimed towards ensuring that rights of expression, communication, association and protest on the internet are protected. More specifically, to enable people and organisations to use information and communications technologies for social justice and equality. APC has long been concerned with trends that show that such rights are being violated. As one response, some APC members and partners, have decided to act as a “Rapid Response Net...

Communication for influence in Central, East and West Africa (CICEWA)
Communication for influence in Central, East and West Africa (CICEWA) 24 January 2008

APC and KICTANet draw on the experience of their successes in the Africa ICT Policy Monitor project and the CATIA project to bring an integrated approach to ICT policy research, dissemination and advocacy through the building of sub-regional networks. They operate using the principle of multi-stakeholder partnerships developed through the CATIA experience to engage in evidence-based policy change. The project seeks to identify the political obstacles to extending affordable access to ICT infr...

Open access in Africa:
Open access in Africa: 13 December 2007

APC’s site provides basic information about international bandwidth in Africa, its costs and the existence of monopoly access to it. It focuses especially on the proposed East African cable projects and the ending of the monopoly of SAT-3.

APC updates groundbreaking "internet rights" charter
APC updates groundbreaking "internet rights" charter 05 November 2006 APCNews

APC’s charter was first developed by APC members and partner organisations at “internet rights” workshops held in Europe, Asia, Latin America and Africa in 2001-2002. APC’s new charter revised in November 2006 includes a section on internet governance – the focus of recent UN summits – and our position that the internet is a global public good. An essential reference for anyone conc...

APC Internet Rights Charter
APC Internet Rights Charter 14 March 2006 APC

The APC Internet Rights Charter is available in 20 languages including Urdu, Filipino, Bengali, Bulgarian, Czech, Catalan and Russian.

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