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The board includes the executive director, a chair, a vice-chair, a secretary and a treasurer. It may also include other offices as appointed by the board. Any number of offices may be held by the same person, except that neither the secretary nor the treasurer may serve concurrently as chair.

Each officer (excluding the executive director, who is appointed) is elected for a three-year term and holds office until the term expires and a successor has been elected. In order to ensure effective take-up and exercise of governance capabilities by, as well as continuity and efficiency within, the board, there is no limit on the number of terms that a director may serve.

Executive director

The executive director is an ex officio board member, not elected but included by virtue of being APC’s president and chief executive officer. He or she has the same rights and obligations, including the right to vote, as all other directors, and is included in the authorised number of directors fixed by council. The executive director is the only board member to receive compensation for his or her services. Subject to the control of the board, the main task of the executive director is to effectively and efficiently supervise and manage APC’s affairs and the activities of the staff, and implement the policies and strategies adopted by the board and council.


The candidate who receives the highest number of votes becomes chair of the board (and also of the APC council). The chair has no executive functions. His or her main role is to preside at all meetings of the members and the board, ensuring that appropriate discussions take place, no one person dominates discussions, relevant opinions and ideas are shared, and discussions result in clear and logical outcomes in line with previous discussions and decisions.


In the chair’s absence, it is the role of the vice-chair to carry out the duties of the chair. Acting as the chair, the vice-chair has all powers and duties prescribed by the board and APC’s bylaws.


The secretary supervises the keeping of a full and complete record of the proceedings of the members and the board and its committees. He or she supervises the giving of such notices as may be proper or necessary, the keeping of the minute books, and the membership book.


The treasurer supervises the charge and custody of all APC funds, the deposit of such funds in the manner prescribed by the board, and the keeping and maintaining of adequate and correct amounts of APC’s properties and business transactions. He or she produces reports and accounts as required.

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