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Débora Prado

Débora is a journalist and activist with a background in social communications, feminism and human rights, who has been working with communication projects and strategies alongside civil society organisations since 2013. Her main areas of expertise are women’s rights and promotion of freedom of expression in Brazil and South America. Débora holds a Bachelor's degree in social communication and a Master's degree in scientific and cultural dissemination, in which she studied community networks and feminist infrastructures and technologies. She also joined a two-year action-research project in these same fields with the Feminist Internet Research Network (FIRN) in 2019.

Purpose of position

To lead the development and implementation of the Local Access Programme communications plan, spaces and outputs. The communications plan responds to APC priorities on community networks and digital exclusion, specifically, incorporating a feminist and human rights-based approach.


What is OpenPGP?

Communications associate: Local Access Programme

São Paulo Brazil