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Shivi has a background in computer sciences and human rights. They have worked on grant management for civil society organisations in India, human rights advocacy and UN mechanisms. Shivi's areas of interest include freedom of expression and freedom of association and assembly online, feminist principles of the internet, digital communications, online campaigning, and LGBTIQ+ rights. They currently reside in India, with more animals than humans.

Purpose of position

The CTE (Closer than ever) core convening support plays a key role in facilitating processes related to development, maintenance and improvement of APC’s online convening infrastructure, and supporting staff in their use of it. They have an oversight of milestones related to convenings in APC’s annual plan. They ensure that supporting documentation and information related to core convenings are developed and accessible to staff. They provide a link between APC team convening focal points and technical and communication teams in relation to organising convenings.


What is OpenPGP?

CTE (Closer then ever) online spaces organiser