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Maja Kraljic

Maja is a web developer with a background in digital marketing. She started her career as digital marketing manager and has been building and maintaining websites for Slovenian LGBT organisations for the last 25 years. She is creating Feminist internet, queering the code and playing with creative coding.


Purpose of position

The Senior technical officer supports the Technical team coordinator in managing the work of the technical team. This team is responsible for planning, managing and protecting APC’s IT services, systems and infrastructure. Maja supports the coordination of internal technical projects at all stages of development, and co-leads tech related work in autonomous feminist infrastructure and external autonomous infrastructure projects. Additionally, she collaborates with other tech team members in the administration, uptime control, backup of APC servers and services, website development, and technical support to APC staff. Maja provides support and oversees the work of tech team members on specific tasks and projects, working closely with the Technical team coordinator and the Operations manager, and participates in information and communication mechanisms related to the intersection of these areas of work.



Contact Maja at majak AT


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Senior technical officer

Ljubljana Slovenia
Twitter/X: @xxiinds