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Surrendering to Silence: An account of self-censorship among Pakistani journalists is the latest publication by APC member Media Matters for Democracy on the state of freedom of expression and censorship among journalists in Pakistan.

This study sets out to test the claims of self-censorship in the Pakistani news media through a survey of journalists working in the country. The study provides a rare glimpse at the extent and contours of contemporary self-censorship among Pakistani journalists. It also provides recommendations to tackle the issues that curb free expression in the Pakistani news media. In order to get local journalists to feel safe about their professional and personal expression, the study suggests actionable measures for news media organisations, journalist unions, civil society organisations, political parties, and the government.

Media Matters for Democracy (MMfD) is a young Islamabad-based non-profit, formed on the vision and the belief that a liberal, professional media industry is the cornerstone of a progressive, democratic society. Read more about their work here.