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This member story was featured in the 2016 APC Annual Report, as part of our work on rights.

During 2016, and with the support of an APC small grantNodo TAU carried out the multi-stage project “Internet Rights in Argentina”, aimed at raising awareness of these rights and violations against them, researching local concern about the issue, and establishing a network of organisations and individuals interested in working on this issue for future capacity building and advocacy.

The project began with a survey among civil society organisations to obtain an accurate description of local concern about internet rights, but also to learn more about the local situation in terms of use, risks and interests.

The second stage consisted of the coordination of a workshop held in October and attended by analysts and activists working from a rights-based perspective on issues like gender, security, big data, free/libre software, public policies and governance. We proposed a methodology in which each of them offered presentations on specific issues, to share views and exchange information, but also to agree on a local agenda for internet rights work.

The project concluded in December with a meeting of participants from the workshop and members of organisations in the communications field, in order to initiate the building of a local space to bring these different actors together in order to follow policy processes and debates, to propose capacity building for local actors, and to carry out advocacy work in relevant spaces.

As is the case with all of Nodo TAU’s initiatives, we emphasised meeting with other organisations to share knowledge, question our own practices, and review the inclusion of ICT in our work, always with the aim of strengthening local communities. The project served the valuable purpose of coordinating various actors for future work in the internet rights field.