Exciting award for innovative libraries promoting social inclusion

EIFL’s Public Library Innovation Programme (EIFL-PLIP) is offering a new award – for library services using Information and Communication Technology (ICT) to contribute to social inclusion in the community.
The award, which includes a prize of US$1,500, is open to public and community libraries in developing and transition countries. The deadline for submitting applications is November 30, so start preparing your application now!
EIFL-PLIP is accepting applications in English, French, Russian and Spanish.
Many economic and social risk factors can lead to social exclusion, for example, poverty, homelessness, unemployment, poor health, disability, illiteracy, age, language and other cultural differences, addiction, racism and gender inequality.
By taking the initiative to reach out to socially excluded groups, libraries can strengthen social cohesiveness.
This is the third award in EIFL-PLIP’s series of four Innovation Awards for library services that improve lives. The aim of the awards is to share stories about the impact of innovative library services and to inspire other libraries to start similar services.
To find out more about this award and for application details visit http://www.eifl.net/eifl-plip-innovation-awards

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