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Daniel Komakech

Daniel Komakech is one of BOSCO-Uganda’s longest serving staff members, having first joined in 2011 as an ICT Field Coordinator. Dan’s longevity at BOSCO-Uganda is fuelled by a passion for community networks, and his role as a project coordinator revolves around concept note writing, community ICT training, solar installations, computer repairs and maintenance, research and field studies, coordination of project activities to ensure timely completion, video documentation of project undertaking, monitoring and evaluation of projects, and reporting, among other key duties. He practises exemplary leadership to help BOSCO-Uganda achieve its objectives.

Daniel graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Information Technology from Mbarara University of Science and Technology in 2012 and also pursued a postgraduate diploma in Project Planning and Management from Gulu University in 2015. He enhanced his skills and work experience at BOSCO-Uganda through short online courses offered by Internet Society on “Building Wireless Community Networks 2018” and “Introduction to Network Operations”. Daniel loves outdoor activities like frisbee, volleyball and football, as well as making new friends, learning new things and music, among others.

BOSCO representative for the community networks learning grant initiative

Areas of expertise