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Murambinda Works

Murambinda Works is a non-profit organisation which has been offering communication services and ICT office-related services in the Buhera District. In 2012 Murambinda Works partnered with the Ministry of Education to complement government efforts in the introduction of e-learning services in schools. Murambinda Works trained all school heads and deputies in the whole district on a three-day computer literacy course.

Besides the provision of internet service through an established internet café which has been in operation for more than 15 years now, the community of Murambinda through the local authority, the district council, requested improved independent internet services in order to better meet their communication and educational needs. The community has been in need of an affordable cost-effective model that enables as many as possible to be connected. In 2018 the Internet Society supported Murambinda Works in the building of a 40-km-radius network connecting some of the schools, the nurses training school, government offices and the community at large.