APC at the Internet Governance Forum 2020

The annual Internet Governance Forum (IGF), the United Nations’ most significant multistakeholder platform for discussing internet governance, is taking place from 2 to 17 November remotely. APC is participating in several activities, with a special focus on internet access and digital divides, which have been particularly exacerbated by the pandemic.

What are APC’s priorities at the Internet Governance Forum?

Amid the pandemic, APC has been especially concerned with issues pertaining to internet access and growing digital divides, as well as human rights concerns regarding responses to the pandemic.

We are interested in strengthening the IGF by addressing digital cooperation and internet governance architecture. We also want to increase attention around the intersections between environmental sustainability and technology, as well as the need for a feminist internet, in addition to issues around cybersecurity. Our approach is shaped by a cross-cutting human rights perspective, as in the current global political climate the centrality of human rights to internet governance debates is undeniable.

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