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Open Access in the context of Communication (Open Communication) means that anyone, on equal conditions with a transparent relation between cost and pricing, can get access to and share communication resources on one level to provide value added services on another level in layered communication system architecture.Open Access Conferences have been organized since 2003 with the objectives of sharing knowledge and good practices on how to widen Open communication, Open networks, Universal access, and Sustainable business models for operation and maintenance of such communication. The Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) has been on the fore front of these efforts. The conferences have attracted a lot of interest from the general society, academicians and private sectors.There is a high momentum in the deployment of infrastructures such as optic fiber, wireless and the like. Also, there is a lot of advancement in the use of ICT in general such as mobile phones. If used wisely, we believe these developments can facilitate provisioning of relatively inexpensive, easily accessible, diversified and expandable ICT services.

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