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The Association for Progressive Communications (APC) is pleased to announce the new APC executive board elected by members at the APC council meeting in Rio de Janeiro in November 2007 for a three-year term.

Danilo Lujambio (chair), Argentina

Jan Moolman (vice-chair), South Africa

Andrew Garton (secretary), Australia

Magela Sigillito (treasurer), Uruguay

Al Alegre, Philippines

James Nguo, Kenya

Michel Lambert, Canada

Valentina Pellizzer, Bosnia-Herzegovina

APC thanks all outgoing board members, Olinca Marino, Mark Graham, Mihaly Bako, Danijela

Babic, John Dada and Kong Sidaroth for their hard work since November 2005. We also thank former chair Natasha Primo who resigned in August 2007 in order to take a post with APC as national ICT policy advocacy coordinator. Mark Graham stepped in as acting chair from August to November. His leadership throughout the process of revising APC’s bylaws and preparing for as well as chairing the council meeting was indispensable.

The eight-person APC executive board works with staff to produce APC’s action plan and oversees and monitors implementation. They will meet with staff in South Africa in February 2008 to draft the action plan for 2008-2012.

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Source: APCNews
Date: 01/24/2008
Location: MONTEVIDEO, Uruguay
Category: Announcements from APC