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APC Women’s Networking Support Programme are running a 2-day workshop on FLOSS at the Know How Conference being held in Mexico City from 21-15 August. From a small and tightly packed computer room, with fans whirring in the background to cool down the room, participants moved from FLOSSophy to migrating to FOSS.
Most participants are Spanish speaking and translators are working hard to keep everyone up to speed. The workshop began with the principles behind “open” content and FLOSS – and how women can (and have) benefitted from them. Experiences were shared of how FLOSS tools are used as community building devices in women’s organisations. Olinca Marino from LaNeta lead the session on FLOSSophy and gave a comprehensive overview of the history behind the FLOSS movement.

We then moved onto demonstrations of various common FOSS tools and how to select which tools are appropriate for various needs. A session on blogging provided some interesting postings which can be viewed at

While participants were blogging, trainers contacted APC staff around the world to ask them to add comments to the participants postings. There was great delight when participants read the comments.

We’re ending off the workshop with demonstrations on different ways of migrating to FOSS, a presentation on planning FOSS migration as well as hands on on different approaches to migration.