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What is this?

NGI Zero is a joint non-profit effort by a coalition of organisations that wish to support the development of technology commons and are committed to inclusivity and diversity.

With funding from the European Commission, NGI Zero supports projects both financially and practically in a myriad of ways: through mentoring, testings, security tests, accessibility, dissemination and others.

Who can apply to these funds?

Individual researchers, developers, small teams, free software/hardware/data activists, formal or informal organisations of any type (or even a partnership between the two) who have important new ideas on technologies can apply, with the possibility to scale grants if there is proven potential.

NGI Zero welcomes any idea that contributes to the vision of the next generation internet and addresses the themes of privacy, reliability, user control and data sovereignty in (internet-related) technologies. See also the frequently asked (and/or anticipated) questions.

As the funds are granted by the European Commission, it is a knock-out criterion for each project to have a "European dimension", but anyone can apply. Having people inside the proposed project from Europe or the associated countries is a way to fulfil that requirement. If you are based outside the European Union and still have doubts, please write to hvale at

You don't need to reveal your real name prior to the project being granted. Also, young people that have not yet reached the age of legal consent in their country of origin on the date of the deadline can also apply without any constraints.

How much is available?

Project funding available varies from 5,000 to 50,000 euros.

What are the themes this initiative covers?

Overall, open source, open data, open hardware and open standards projects are welcome.


NGI Zero Entrust: Trustworthiness and data sovereignty

More info: Guide for applicants | Who is behind this? | Eligibility | FAQ

NGI Zero Core: Moving the internet forward

More info: Guide for applicants | Who is behind this? | Eligibility | FAQ

Which calls are open right now?
More about NGI Zero initiative

This effort to fund technology commons is being conducted by 12 non-profit organisations, including the Association for Progressive Communications (APC), each with a specific area of expertise to make the digital commons more robust. Take a look at some current projects to see what might inspire you and shed some light on what we're talking about.


NGI Zero is made possible with financial support from the European Commission's Next Generation Internet programme, under the aegis of DG Communications Networks, Content and Technology. NGI Zero receives funding from the European Union's and Horizon Europe research and innovation programme under grant agreements No 825310, 825322, 101069594, 101070519 and 101092990.