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APC member organisation 7amleh - The Arab Center for the Advancement of Social Media issued its eighth annual report, “Hashtag Palestine”, in which it sheds light on the violations of Palestinian digital rights that Palestinians and their supporters are subjected to in the digital space by the various governments and big technology companies. The report diagnoses the state of digital freedoms, and outlines the most prominent patterns of digital rights violations and their trends during 2022. 7amleh collected and documented  information on violations during the year within the Observatory for Documentation of Palestinian Digital Rights Violations (7or) and monitored local, regional and international media materials in addition to cooperating with partners in analysing and monitoring digital violations.

The report shows the clear reflection of the political, social and economic events that Palestinians experienced throughout the year, which had an impact on the digital space and on the state of Palestinian digital rights and freedoms. 7amleh documented 1,119 digital rights violations committed by social media companies, various authorities, and other parties.

In addition, the report discusses updates related to the issue of digital economic discrimination against Palestinians, as well as the issue of hate speech, discrimination and digital violence via the internet. The report indicates that misleading content continues to spread widely, especially with the occurrence of any political and social developments and events, and this is noticeable on various social media platforms.

You can download the full report here


The development of the Observatory for Documentation of Palestinian Digital Rights Violations (7or) was supported by an APC subgrant.