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What do you need to consider when designing an online event? What are the core principles for safer and more accessible events? APC has collected its learnings from over 30 years of online work in the Come together guidelines, which cover everything from initial planning to going live to winding down. Here are some key highlights to share with your networks, social media and elsewhere.

A few introductory thoughts (from our foreword)
  • How do we design online events that facilitate connection and transformation? Let’s share some learnings. #ComeTogether #OnlineEventswithCare

  • Here are APC’s learnings on online convenings from two years of pandemic and 30 years of experience. #ComeTogether #OnlineEventswithCare

  • Online events can contribute to your organisation's goals. Let’s share some learnings. #ComeTogether #OnlineEventswithCare

  • Online events can help you re-think the way you interact with technology. #ComeTogether #OnlineEventswithCare

  • Online events are not weak substitutes for face-to-face events. #ComeTogether #OnlineEventswithCare

  • Online events can be welcoming and fun. #ComeTogether #OnlineEventswithCare

  • We don’t want to give you a recipe, but a compass for when you start planning (and dreaming). #ComeTogether #OnlineEventswithCare

Where do I start? (from our planning and designing online events collection)
  • When you're thinking about organising an online event, where should you start? Here are some learnings. #ComeTogether #OnlineEventswithCare 

  • Safe space is key. Consider the privacy, security and anonymity needs of your participants to ensure you are creating a space that holds minimal harm and is enjoyable for all, with clear steps and protocols to address concerns. #ComeTogether #OnlineEventswithCare

  • Running a risk assessment exercise will help you to reflect and will inform your choices. For a risk assessment check out ”FTX: Safety Reboot: Values and principles informing your events and your technological choices". #ComeTogether #OnlineEventswithCare 

  • APC is guided by feminist practices and politics of technology. #ComeTogether #OnlineEventswithCare

  • Choice of technology: APC prioritises free/libre and open source software (FLOSS) and open standards, to remind us that our choices need to be driven by community needs, sustainable and secure. #ComeTogether #OnlineEventswithCare #FLOSS

  • What about your own safety? Take some time to also think about your team and make sure to take your own safety into account. #ComeTogether #OnlineEventswithCare #OnlineSafety

Going live (from our lead-up and going live collection)
Once the event is over (from our winding down collection)