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You may have heard about online gender-based violence, but what is it exactly and how does it affect human rights? This course, Recognising and responding to online gender-based violence, developed between Advocacy Assembly and APC, will teach you about different types of online gender-based violence, such as cyberstalking and blackmail, and share case studies that show how such violence affects people, from average web or mobile phone users to women's rights activists. Interactive quizzes will help you explore strategies for taking action so you can live, work and play online with less fear and more confidence.

Who is this course suitable for? Anyone at risk of online gender-based violence, especially activists and writers, or anyone who wants to understand it.

This course is presented by Jan Moolman, a feminist activist who has been working on the intersections of women’s rights, technology and human rights for almost a decade, with a specific focus on gender-based violence. She is the Global Women’s Rights Policy Lead at the Association for Progressive Communications.


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