Open government data readiness study in Uganda

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Abril 2012
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This study assessed Uganda’s readiness for open government data (OGD). It explored three basic tenets with regards to readiness: knowledge, attitudes and practice. In undertaking a study of this nature it was imperative to appreciate how knowledgeable the key actors were about the subject matter, their attitudes towards the subject matter and current practices.

Besides assessing the open data readiness in Uganda, this study’s overall objective was to recommend actions needed for the country to implement OGD and move into the openness levels that countries such as those grouped under the Open Government initiative are working to attain.

Some Ugandan institutions are performing very well as far as making public their data and information is concerned. However, there is need to transcend from the local or private levels to a national level. This requires having in place structures, systems, infrastructure and the right mindset to converge all government data into a single location. Moreover, this should be supported by appropriate regulations and standards that are in conformity with OGD initiatives.

Interestingly, the study concludes that Uganda is ready to implement OGD with appropriate support and guidance.

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