Girls in ICT day in the Democratice Republic of the Congo

Internet is a vast tool which marked this century because it revolutionized and continues to impact the economy, social development and intellectual habits of several companies worldwide including people. Its use varies according to the behaviour of communities and the basic education received. Also, developed countries have easy access than those in developing countries who have limited access or even absent following the conditions and opportunities they are offered.

The International Telecommunication Union1 (ITU) has launched since 2010, the “Girls in ICT Day2”. It is celebrated every year on Thursday of the last week of April. This year it is April 26th. This is an opportunity to recognize the contributions of young women and encourage them to get involved in the development and advancement of Information and Telecommunication Technologies (ICT) in their communities.

Arsène Tsungali speaks to young women in the DRC about about their ICT use.

Read the full paper by Arsène Tungali (attached)