New Publication by the Canadian Journal of Communication - Democratizing Communication Policy in the Americas: Why It Matters

The Canadian Journal of Communication has published a special issue titled Democratizing Communication Policy in the Americas: Why It Matters, V36 #1/2011.

As Dr Roberta G. Lentz, McGill University, and Dr Leslie Regan Shade, Concordia University, state in their editorial,…” this special issue seeks to address how communication policies affect economic justice, social justice, and human rights, and how these policies are being addressed by researchers and civil-society organizations in various parts of the Americas. … Submissions for this issue were sought from experts working in academic and non-academic settings in the Americas that could make these connections more clear in two thematic areas: policy contexts and policy responses.” The articles … “are informed by critical theory, social justice, and/or human rights, or feature praxis-oriented research capturing various challenges and/or opportunities for public-interest-oriented interventions in policy-making processes across the Americas.”

The Canadian Journal of Communication is the number one communications journal in Canada and a leader in online scholarly communication. CJC issues are published both online and in print. The journal receives funding from the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council, a government agency that peer-reviews scholarly journals, a tribute to the quality of the journal.

A table of contents and abstracts of the articles in this issue may be viewed on the CJC website: . Click on “Back Issues: V36, No. 1 (2011) Democratizing Communication Policy in the Americas: Why It Matters.

Please email me (Anne Carscallen, annec at sfu dot ca) if your agency is interested in purchasing a copy, or copies, of this issue. The cost of a single issue copy is US$30, including postage. I have attached an order form here for your use. Copies of this issue, or subscriptions, may be purchased through the order form. Individual articles may be purchased from the CJC website using PayPal.