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What is the project about?

There is a group of Indigenous women in this territory called the Asociación de Mujeres Cabécares de Alto Pacuare (Cabécar Women’s Association of Alto Pacuare). The community network will complement the work undertaken by Sulá Batsú and the Cabécar Women’s Association of Alto Pacuare since 2018, aimed at: 1) producing local content in the Cabécar language based on the knowledge of women, and 2) strengthening their organisation for resistance to technological colonisation. The network adds value to the "La Escuela de las Mujeres" (Women’s School) project that they have been promoting as an independent and safe space for local knowledge processes as part of their matriarchal culture.  

Institutions involved:

Cooperativa Sulá Batsú (Costa Rica), Asociación de Mujeres Cabécares de Alto Pacuare (Costa Rica) and Colnodo (Colombia)

Project representatives:

Kemly Camacho

Natalia Vargas


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