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What is the project about?

Aiming to break the structural biases that limit women’s access to digital literacy and digital services, such as education, health care and social security benefits, the Digital Empowerment Foundation (DEF) will train 165 women across five locations in India: 1) Palghar-Maharashtra, 2) Murshidabad-West Bengal, 3) Ashok Nagar (Chanderi)-Madhya Pradesh, 4) Khunti-Jharkhand and 5) Villupuram (Vanur Block)-Tamil Nadu. Each location will also have one access point centre, which will be a physical space that would facilitate the training. Each access point is connected to multiple points connected to other points, so they also transform into a broadcast point. In some cases, it is limited as a local hotspot. In other cases, they further provide internet to several other points. In addition to providing internet access, the access points function as a digital service point for activities such as online banking, training, online education and "edutainment".

Institutions involved:

Digital Empowerment Foundation (DEF)


Jenny S

Saurabh Srivastava

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