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Theresa Aishatu Tafida

Theresa's engagement with ICT has always been as a user. She believes that when ICT devices and software are designed, the final say should be by the user. Even when they are developed with commercial intent, the user-friendliness can only help the developer. Therefore, when she signed up with the Google Developers Group at Fantsuam, Theresa was quick to let them know that she was there to provide them the benefit of a user's opinion about their high tech efforts. As a result of her attitude, she has acquired a reasonable level for the use of basic programmes, and this has enriched her work experience. This was particularly invaluable for Theresa when she undertook an online post-graduate training. Therefore she feels quite comfortable with her lead role in the Fantsuam Community Network programme. With the rural host communities as their target audience, she feels able to speak on their behalf and support their use of the network for their communal and individual benefits.

Catalytic intervention grantee representative