Jésica Selene Giudice

AlterMundi representative for the community networks learning grant initiative


Jésica is a co-founder and very active member of QuintanaLibre, the community network of José de la Quintana, Córdoba, Argentina, that has been running uninterrupted for eight years. This network is a referent community network that has prompted the deployment of similar networks in other towns in the region, such as LaSerranitaLibre, LaBolsaLibre, AnisacateLibre and NonoLibre. Jésica participates in neighbourhood meetings to make decisions about the management of the network and also occasionally attends the meetings of other community networks in the region, as she is invited for her friendship and experience in technical and social solutions. In addition to attending these networks' meetings, she has facilitated numerous talks, workshops and presentations. Jésica, as part of the communication and documentation team of AlterMundi, continues her task of documentation oriented to training in the deployment, monitoring and maintenance of community networks, as well as being involved in the "Semillero de Redes" community network project jointly planned by AlterMundi and Rhizomática.

More about her here.

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