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Iara Moura

Iara Moura is a journalist with a master’s degree in communication and executive coordinator of Intervozes, a Brazilian civil society organisation fighting for the right to communication since 2003. She has published several research papers and articles about media and human rights, especially around the themes that concern Black and Indigenous people, women, LGBTIQ+ people and traditional communities. 

She wrote the guide “Media and Human Rights for Journalists” in 2014 and the book “Affected Lives: Collective stories of struggle in Sepetiba Bay” in 2019). She was part of the National Human Rights Council in Brazil where she was a mission rapporteur around the impacts of an oil spill on traditional communities. She also represented Brazil at the 177th session of hearings of the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights in 2020. At the 2020 Internet Governance Forum, she was a speaker at a workshop named “Imagining an internet that serves environmental justice”. Currently, she coordinates training, research, strategic litigation, campaigns and advocacy around the media, freedom of expression, democracy and digital rights in Brazil. She is a feminist anti-racist of Indigenous descent.

Intervozes representative for the community networks learning grant initiative

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