Girish Kumar

Pragathi foundation representative for the community networks learning grant initiative


Girish has worked as a video production professional. His long-time interest has been to bring creative expression and community radio activities to rural schools and to work towards sustained local futures. He has been working on creating internet and intranet services for radio activity. Lately he has been working with an open source Pi-based Wi-Fi mesh radio model for involving participants in low-cost hardware, software and content creation, curation studios and network-based archives (

He inspires students and urban radio enthusiasts by developing summer courses. He has been a proponent of school radio and has been enthusiastic in bringing a policy change in education curriculum to include audiovisual media-making activities and community radio as a necessary means to help girl students express themselves. He has been provided with incubation space at SIT, a local engineering college, to work with their students and with a number of villages that are associated with their Rural Development Centre.

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