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Dim Khat Pau (Lydia Dim Dim)

Dim Khat Pau (Lydia Dim Dim) holds a degree in economics has worked in UNDP Self-Reliance Group (SRG) projects for rural development. She spent many years in the accounting department of Merlin INGO, which specialises in women’s and children’s health services. She was an administrative and office manager at the World Food Programme (WFP) Kale office, which promotes food security in rural areas.

She has led the work of the Siyin Credit Union to develop young entrepreneurs in underdeveloped border areas. In collaboration with IMS-Fojo, she has been involved in community management and training in community radio development and training in Chin State. After starting public radio stations in the villages of Tedim and Thuklai, she became an accountant at Laythar Taung Company Limited. Currently, she is working with the Myanmar Women’s Coffee Alliance in collaboration with the International Women’s Coffee Alliance to develop the Chin Hills coffee industry.

ASORCOM representative on the 2021 Community Network Grant Programme

Areas of expertise