Arum Tresnaningtyas Dayuputri

Common Room representative for the community networks learning grant initiative


Arum Tresnaningtyas Dayuputri was born and raised in Solo, Indonesia. She started her career as a photojournalist at Kompas Daily and received a photojournalism diploma at Ateneo de Manila University in 2012. She has a great interest in photography, and has been involved in several exhibitions, workshops and art residencies in Indonesia and abroad. She initiated a learning space called “Kami Punya Cerita” in Tobucil and Klabs, Bandung, where anyone who has an interest in and passion for photography can share their ideas and experience. Together with some friends, Arum currently runs Omnispace, an alternative space in Bandung. She loves to sing and play ukulele, and has music project with Meicy Sitorus called Tetangga Pak Gesang.

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