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AfroLeadership is a civil society organisation that conducts research, policy and advocacy with the goal of improving the living conditions of citizens in Africa. In the last decade, AfroLeadership has worked to strengthen human rights, governance and democracy by advocating for transparency, accountability and citizen participation in public policies.

AfroLeadership is the Cameroon partner of the oPTIMA Project (Optimizing and Promoting Targeted and Impactful Messaging for Advocacy in Africa) that is being implemented by Internews in various countries in 2020 and 2021. In oPTIMA, AfroLeadership implemented an advocacy project resulting in an Internet Measurement Report to assess the quality of internet connectivity in Cameroon, and the level of frustration experienced by netizens. This research work follows a 2018 research study to assess the socio-economic impacts of internet shutdowns in the anglophone regions of Cameroon, which was also funded by Internews.

Since its formal registration in 2010, AfroLeadership empowers citizens and communities to commit and engage actively in the development of Africa. AfroLeadership is headquartered in Cameroon, Central Africa, with representatives in various regions and countries in Africa.


Jean Louis Fendji

Belona Sonna

2021 Community Network Grant Programme recipient

Twitter/X: @@AfroLeadership_
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