Valeria Betancourt


Valeria Betancourt has led APC's Communications and Information Policy Programme (CIPP) since 2010. She is a longtime activist in the field of human rights and the internet, with a special focus on the areas of information and communication technologies for development, access to the internet, human rights in the online sphere, and internet governance in the context of developing countries and the global South. In 2013 and 2015, Valeria was awarded a LACNIC Outstanding Achievement Award and a FRIDA Programme Recognition for contributing to development and the internet in Latin America. Her background is in sociology and political science. She holds a Master's degree in cultural studies and communication. She lives in Ecuador.


Purpose of position

Provide vision and strategic leadership for and overall management of APC's Communications and Information Policy Programme. Develop programme activities and projects to ensure that the programme remains financially sustainable and strategically relevant and that it effectively contributes to the achievement of APC's strategic priorities.


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