Fixing the glitch
Fixing the glitch 24 October 2018 Seyi Akiwowo for

For the past few years, I've committed to doing the conventional New Year's resolution on my birthday rather than on 1 January. My resolutions or “intentions” so far have been reflective and inward-looking rather than about the external. For instance, finding more peace, being more focused, and this year it is self-love, also known as self-care. So it was a pleasant coincidence to fly out to Nepal for the Take Back the Tech Camp 2018 on my 27th birthday, to not only collaborate with inspi...

The politics of self-care and feminism
The politics of self-care and feminism 18 October 2018 Sharanya Sekaram for

I realised quickly after my first burnout that one part of self-care for myself needed to include staying away social media, email and the internet. To refresh. I didn’t understand it as an act of self-care at the time, and it certainly wasn’t the buzzword it has become today. I just knew that the simple act of unplugging myself for a day did wonders for my mental, emotional and psychological well-being. Fast forward to over half a decade later. Ironically, the most poignant and real disc...

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