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If we don’t consider the recent actions —particularly by the US government— against people connected to WikiLeaks as human rights violations, then a dangerous precedent is set.

Respect for freedom of expression and access to information means that any government is obliged to refrain from taking action against whistle-blowing sites and the individuals behind them.

Taking legal action against WikiLeaks personnel or informers is a breach of responsibility to protect freedom of expression and civil rights. The human rights of the director of WikiLeaks Julian Assange and suspected WikiLeaks informer Bradley Manning should be guaranteed by international law.

The US government like any signatory of the UN International Bill of Human Rights has an obligation to protect the individuals behind WikiLeaks or be in breach of international human rights law.

APC, the world’s longest-running online progressive network founded in 1990, is concerned that in the case of WikiLeaks critical questions of protection of human rights are being overlooked.

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