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Strengthening Climate Resilience (SCR) is a new DFID funded programme that aims to enhance the ability of governments and civil society organisations in developing countries to build the resilience of communities to disasters and climate change as part of their development work. In order to do this, the disaster risk management (DRM) community are being targeted as a starting point to encourage more thorough thinking on the integration of climate change adaptation (CCA). SCR is working on two main approaches: Addressing unpredictability and Climate-smart development.
The Climate-smart development programme seeks to develop a ‘climate smart’ approach to managing disaster risk and development that helps protect society from the threats posed by climate change. By creating an evidence base of ‘climate smart’ development and disaster risk management approaches, the SCR programme will demonstrate to policy makers and civil society practitioners that integrated approaches to tackling poverty, disaster risk and climate change impacts help achieve better development outcomes.
SCR is working in East Africa: Kenya, Tanzania, Sudan; South-East Asia: Cambodia, Indonesia, Philippines; and South Asia: Bangladesh, India, Nepal, Sri Lanka.
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Areas of work