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Médiaterre is a French network of information on sustainable development, aiming to facilitate the dissemination of the international agenda for sustainable development in French. The aim of the project is to create an information and discussion platform for sustainable development that is accessible to the various groups concerned (States and public administrations, local governments and international bodies, associations, the economic sector, scientists and the academic community, and ordinary citizens) by facilitating exchanges and integration of the available data on a network of Internet sites distributed throughout the French-speaking world.
The second objective is to develop the use of French regarding these topics for the sake of linguistic plurality at the international level, thereby helping to reinforce the capacities of French-speaking participants, especially in the organization of preliminary debates for major conferences. This platform is also an experimental ground for research and development into new tools and approaches that will be transferred to the partners. It will be an extension of various projects and actions.
Médiaterre facilitates the dissemination of the international agenda for sustainable development in French, highlights the major problems currently facing the planet (climate change, biodiversity, desertification, water, forests, energy, poverty, gender, governance …) and participates in the development the plurality of content, concepts and ideas. Médiaterre actively contributes to reducing the digital divide between North and South and strengthening capacities of stakeholders in the South: The partners are mainly relevant stakeholders and recognized internationally. The training and skills transfer made by the Technical Committee Médiaterre contributed to what some partners set up their own websites (focusing on free software) and thus manage in total autonomy, their own system of Information for Sustainable Development. The implementation of efficient technologies and innovative content is managed by an international network of partners, united around an ethical code, transparency and quality, using a collaborative Internet platform, open, scalable, and accessible to all, relying on free software.

Areas of work