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makeITfair is a multilingual website focusing on consumer electronics industry, raising consumers’ awareness about the labour abuses and environmental problems around the world, and providing information and tools to mobilize citizen action to improve the situation. makeITfair researches companies behavior, organises meetings with companies in the electronics industry and gives them recommendations. makeITfair also publishes information on the use of metals in computers, mobile phones and cars. The website features educational resources, useful campaign tools and research reports. A joint initiative of Dutch organisation SOMO (Centre for Research on Multinational Corporations). Project partners are SwedWatch and Fair Trade Center from Sweden, FinnWatch and Repu-Pro Fair Trade from Finland; DanWatch from Denmark, Germanwatch from Germany, Association of Conscious Consumers (ACC) from Hungary, ACIDH from the DR Congo, CIVIDEP from India, Workers Assistance Center (WAC) from the Philippines and Civil Society Research and Support Collective (CSRSC) from South Africa.makeITfairmakeITfair

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