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The ItrainOnline Multimedia Training Kit is a collection of workshop kits to help trainers working with telecentres, NGOs, community media organisations and the development sector to present effective training courses on a wide range of ICTs and non-ICT topics.

The ItrainOnline MMTK approach attempts to separate generic skills and information from the contextual (region, language, type of audience, type of training, tools, pedagogical approach) to promote flexibility and ease of reuse and repackaging.

Modularisation facilitates:

  • “Mixing and matching” of content

  • Updating of content

  • Translation and localisation (because content is “chunked”, it is easier to translate only small, directly relevant sections of materials)

  • Adaptation (for example, through the addition of local case studies, or exercises for use with different types of group) as well as the contribution of these adaptations back into the pool.

In addition to benefits such as reusability, adaptability and reduced duplication of effort, the format also promotes good training practice. Providing trainers with models of the core elements of an effective training programme helps to form good training habits.